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Ozone AMP V1 9m Len10 Megaloop Setting lines (2x KL)



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Together with Ruben Lenten, we have created an easy to install LEN10 rear line kit for powered boosting and looping on the AMP V1 9m and 11m sizes. The LEN10 set up has more power and pressure on the bar with a faster turning speed. Hear from the megaloop master himself on why choose this new set up:

Hi guys, Ruben Lenten here with some info on setting up your AMP V1 LEN10 style.

The AMP V1 comes from the factory tuned for Freestyle and Park Style riding. If you like to go massive and Megaloop like me, we have created an easy to install LEN10 rear line kit for powered boosting and looping.

The LEN10 settings have been developed for the 9m and 11m so far as these are my favourite Megaloop sizes.

In this setting the AMP has more power and pressure on the bar with a faster turning speed, just the way I love it! If you also love going massive and riding powered, try the LEN10 settings and build up your confidence until you are ready to send it.

Simply change the rear bridle lines from the standard to the LEN10 lines, connecting to the setting closest to the trailing edge for maximum kite reactivity, and set the Variable Bridle to Setting 1, the knot closest to the leading edge.

I also use the control system leader line adjustments which are located under the bar floats, change these to the shorter knot for even more power during a loop. Be aware the kite will be very close to the stall point when fully sheeted. In a normal riding position you will need to keep your arms more stretched out and relaxed to avoid stalling the kite.

See you in the air

Installing the LEN10 rear bridle lines:
Refer to the AMP V1 Bridle Check Sheet at
1. Disconnect the pigtails from the standard rear bridle lines (KL).
2. Disconnect the standard rear bridle lines from the kite. Store inside your kite bag.
3. Connect the LEN10 rear bridle lines (KL LEN10) to the kite on the fast turn setting.
4. Connect the pigtails to the LEN10 rear bridle lines.

Adjusting the control system leader lines:
1. Pull the leader line out from the bar end side hole to access the adjustment knots.
2. Adjust to the desired setting.
3. While holding the bungee out, pull the leader line back into the bar end.

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 250 x 150 x 50 mm.

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